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We are one of India’s leading companies offering innovative and easy-to use products for the growing needs for common household and industrial needs. We are Registered Trad Mark and recognized for its quality products. We are the Manufacturers and Dealers of power and resource saving devices like Automatic Water Level Controller, water level Indicator, Wireless water level controller, Digital water level Indicators, Remote controlled devices for home automation. We use state of the art digital technology to manufacture high quality systems. Digital systems and solutions are manufacturing Automatic water level controller Systems since 2010. Our water level controllers are built to last and perform for a long time.


Automatic Water Level controller is designed to automatic control of motor, which ensures constant reserve of water in storage tanks. Automatic water level controller is used to automatically fill the overhead tank as and when it gets empty and monitors the water level. Automatic water level controller switches ON the motor when the water level in the overhead tank drops below pre fixed low level (on point) and puts off the motor when water level rises up to pre fixed high level (off point) motor also switches off when the sump water is exhausted before filling overhead tank, pump running dry, Mains voltage fluctuations. State of the art, digital technology, advanced microcontroller based products.


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